Wire Magazine, South Florida’s best lifestyle magazine for the gay community, provides the most effective platform to reach our readers in Miami, the Beaches and Fort Lauderdale.

Wire Magazine is the longest running publication in South Florida for the gay community. We are also the longest running weekly in Miami Beach, the only gay lifestyle publication in Miami, and have served the community for almost 25 years. Every week 10,000 copies of Wire Magazine are distributed throughout Miami, the Beaches and Fort Lauderdale. 

Wire Magazine has expanded its weekly editorial content to include additional lifestyle columns ranging from cooking and the arts to accounting, politics and law, added many new distribution points in South Florida, and developed an email database of readers for who receive our WireTW email newsletter and invitations to events. 

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Please contact Rafa Carvajal, Owner, Publisher & CEO, Wire Magazine at advertising@wiremag.com or 305-520-WIRE to request a copy of our media kit

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